sermon series…GI Joe pt 2 the heart of a hero!

The heart of a hero…what’s in the heart of a hero?

The heart in biblical times was refereed to as the center of vital action…decisions, actions. the heart represents man himself and was considered to be the seat of his emotions, passions, and appetites!

1 samuel 14:1-17 Jonathon and his armor bearer take on a philistine outpost, and what you see in the story is nothing but pure heart. Jonathan’s heart is revealed in his words and his actions. Matthew 12:34 Out of the overflow of your heart your mouth will speak! the heart of a hero is willing to step out and act. Nothing will happen until you choose to act!

What’s in the heart of a hero?
1. No fear here! A hero will show up and show out! jonathons plan was to show himself to the enemy and see what happens. either way he was looking for a fight by showing out! So many believers are hiding when its time to show out! the word show here means to advertise, to reveal! we are challenging our students to step out and be seen this year!

2. Determination….a hero climbs up and over any every obstacle!
there will always be Obstacles…and the obstacles that students face are oh s familiar. we look at 3 obstacles and 2 answers…
Popularity…is it the popular thing to do?
Presentation…is it the cool thing to do?
Property…is it going to make a difference in my school?

the answer to these obstacles is simple…
What about the power of God! Ephesians 1:18 – 21
What about the promises of God! Mark 15:15-19

what’s in the heart of a hero?
3. Perseverance…The heart of a hero never gives up!
They started something they could not finish, but God could finish!

When you go to school this year…will you start something that only God can finish?


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