will the real heroes please stand up and speak up?

Will the real heroes please stand up and speak up? What every school needs is a hero! Real heroes see things and say things differently! What you see will make a difference in what you do! For instance if you cant see God wants to use you, then you wont be used by him! If you cant see what God is capable of doing, then you wont pursue him to see it happen. The bottom line is simple…If you can’t see it, then you wont do it! Your vision matters! 3 types of students. The first one is distracted…they are oblivious to everything around them and they cannot see what God can do! The second student is defeated…everything is bad before it even happens, there is no hope for anything or anyone! The only thing they can see is how big bad and ugly everything is. The third student is dangerous…they see God moving. They see the potential to be great and make a huge difference because god is on their side! Which one are you? The real heroes are going to see life differently…life painted by the power of Gods hand. Seeing is believing, so open your eyes and see what god sees!
To have eyes that can see what’s really up is not enough. It’s not enough to see that God is moving or see that God can show up big.

A real hero will take their stand and open their mouth! Ezekiel 37:1-10 tells a story about a valley of dry bones. Ezekiel saw the bones and then was told to speak to the situation! He was specifically told to prophesy! To say what the lord says about it! God has something to say about every school, but someone has to step up and declare the word of the Lord! When Ezekiel prophesied the bones made a greater noise and snapped back into place and tendons and skin covered them! Nothing happened until he opened his mouth! Then he was told to prophesy that the wind will blow and bring life to these bodies. When he prophesied the wind came and the bodies stood up at attention…an army! No matter what the situation may be, its time to speak life and declare the word and watch an army stand up and be dangerous! The time is NOW! Real heroes see things that cause them to say things that bring about big things! Go ahead I dare you…see things the way God sees them and declare the word of the Lord! Life and Death are in the power of your tongue!


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