Today i sat down to do some planning for the next few weeks…got my trusty moleskin and pen ready! Success in ministry is directly related to how well you can plan. I am a planner that loves to have a plan for events, trip, programs, outreaches and more. To me if you have a plan, take time to plan and work the plan, then you will see the plan come into fruition! I get frustrated when I talk to people that have good intentions and good ideas but don’t have a clue as to how to plan out the task. I spend a good portion of my time working on plans that need a whole lot more people than one to accomplish. In order for there to be the measure of success and not the measure of stress, then there has to be a measure of thought and effort put into planning. The way i see planning is this. There is a creative element where you dream and brainstorm and get more minds involved to bring in every idea possible. there is the monetary element, where you put the numbers down to necessarily pay for the plan. Some ideas are so far off when it comes to financing that you shut them down at this point. Then there is the execution element where you strategically place people in positions necessary to work the plan. You can never have too many hands on deck! If you don’t have enough people in place to pull off the grand plan then scaling back is a necessity. Then there is the follow up element. In order for a plan to evolve into a better plan you have to look at what took place and be willing to tweak whatever needs tweaking and Go forward. just a few thoughts on planning for success.


1 thought on “planning…planning…planning

  1. great post homey. I totally am a believer in planning. Planning and the execution of that plan is so lost. Everyone gets excited about an idea, but what about how to make the idea work.

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