Fearless by Max Lucado

fearless cover

Can you imagine your life without fear? A life not held captive by what ifs, what could be, what might be’s. This book deals with the cvast number of fears that plague society today. The fear of not mattering to the fear violence or even what;s next are fears that the writer max lucado paints vivd pictures of and gives insight into overcoming and fighting off these fears with practical Biblical application. The book starts out in such a practical way answering the question “why are we afraid?” so many are afraid of so many things, and by recognizing “why” we can deal with the “what”.

I love the authors ability to suck me into the book with the vivid stories of life and family. He brings it down to earth and makes this book an easy read to sit down and enjoy. I found myself reading the book and not wanting to put it down. I am in a position right now that gives reason to fear…but this book gave so much insight and perspective from God’s word that challenged my life to go forward. The chapter “fear of what’s next” spoke volumes to my present situation in life. Let’s just say it was an on time read for me. The simplistic explanation of Jesus promising another and defining the word “another” was a powerful truth that will find its way onto the pages of one of my sermons. I know this book will help each and every reader in powerful and different ways. I would highly recommend this book!


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