how its made…

how it madeSitting on the couch with my 8 year old flipping through the vastness of nothing on cable, we came across a show that got an 8 year old excited. How its made…a show that took a fork lift and showed from scratch how it was made and put together. This made me think about how our lives are fragmented, missing the necessary pieces to build us into what we are designed to be. Our lives are full of details and specs that make us who we really are. If something is missing, then we can’t be what we were made to be.
So, what’s missing?
What needs to be added?
What needs to be fabricated?
What is not in the right position in order for us to operate at the level we were made to operate at?

No matter what is happening right now…you were made for a specific purpose. Allow God to use people to add, fabricate and even position the pieces in your live that make you who you really are. You are being made each and every day to be something great…don’t settle for less!


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