our defining moment!

Today is wednesday and if you are in youth ministry whatever day you hold your service it’s a big deal. “somebody is living or dying on every word you say” Reggie Dabbs. I heard this last week at Mainstream Orlando’s Youth leaders Conference and it shakes up the way you handle a service. It’s more than just a service, it’s an event, it’s an encounter, it’s your defining moment. Defining moments need to be handled carefully. Realize this…the message you preach flows though everything you do. So, everything you do communicates your message (not just the preaching of the Word)…walking in the building, listening and viewing the announcements, listening to a worship leader, your leaders interaction with students, the setup, the look, the feel, the smell…everything you do communicates your message! You only have one chance to make a moment! When it’s your defining moment it needs to be well thought out, planned out and executed to the tee! When the moment is over, don’t forget to evaluate what happened and make it better for the next moment! Just a few of my thoughts as I go through the process of gearing up for our moment tonight!


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