creating a service that students want to come back to…

IMG_0448Every wednesday night somewhere in America there is a guy or gal that is working their tail off in order to provide a life changing experience for kids to come to and desire to come back to…what about you? How much effort do you put into the 2 hours you have to make a difference in eternity? Do you lie awake at night thinking and dreaming about ways to get the most out of the time you have with students. Truth be told, you may have only one opportunity to touch some students lives. If you are not ready, prepared for them to come, then you may miss the moment! If you are going to change the lives of the students you get to touch each week, then you have to prioritize giving them a service they remember, want to come back and desire to bring someone else to! Just a one thing to consider when planning any service. Do you have a service order – a detailed plan of attack? Some say well I am gonna flow with the spirit, but what you are saying is, you are too lazy to plan out a great night. There will be no flow in a service if you don’t have a set order to go by. We are pentecostal and led by the spirit and we plan out nights to the hilt, but many times the plan is thrown out…video clips and all when God starts to move. One rule to live by is be flexible…don’t be so rigid that what you do becomes expected behavior. Mix it up! Don’t be afraid to change something up or add something to the mix! When you print up a service order, make sure the people that help you understand what’s on it and make it detailed enough so you are not directing the service from the mic. I hate to have to say…hey sound guy play the clip! That is so irritating! I give the sound guy a phrase cue…and a copy of the message to follow along with so they can play video clips, sound clips, whatever…on cue! Your service order is just a road map to set up a flow in a service so that everyone stays on point and you can maximize the most out of a service. If you don’t have a plan, you will constantly wonder why you run out of time and why you don’t have enough time. The service order is one place to start at in order to give students a service they want to come back to! When planning out the service please include music to play before the service starts, the altar call, and music for after the service is done! Pre-service music is a great way to communicate the message you are preaching that night…remember everything communicates your message!

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