what is your purpose in this world?

i spoke to a group of teenage young men in a program that the juvenile justice system places students. i talked about destiny and purpose, it is so hard to grasp purpose when you are facing several months of time in a program. i had the opportunity to pray with several about their purpose and future. its a wonderful thing to show teenagers that they have a destiny.

the word destiny means: invincible necessity; fate; a necessity or fixed order of things established by a divine decree…

God has a plan for your life!

i found myself asking this question…so what is the ultimate purpose god has for your life?
i have been in youth ministry for 17 years. at a time when most of my contemporaries have moved on or moved out i still find myself having the time of my life. there are so many parts to my life that are not complete. the past 5 years so much has shaped my purpose so much, that i am more excited about where my purpose will lead me. you see, when you find purpose in what you are doing, you will find joy in just plain living! the pursuit of purpose is the pursuit of joy not happiness!

i heard a preacher say this recently joy is what has happened while happiness is what is happening! my joy is not contingent on what is presently happening, but rather on what has already happened!


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