one life…


The last words I shared with our students were powerful last night. I made a choice to deposit something in them and challenge them to keep dreaming. It was emotional at times and even down right hilarious. If you ever leave a place you love and you get the opportunity to preach…preach the word!

We only have “ONE LIFE” to see our dreams become a reality! Joseph had a dream and was rejected, hated, thrown into a pit, sold into slavery and even falsely accused landing himself in prison before his dream ever became a reality! God has a plan for each of our lives, which means he has a dream he wants to place within us. To many are living there lives like someday I will do this, or someday I will be that, or someday I will have whatever…stop living for someday and live for today!

We only have “ONE LIFE” to get it right. This is your opportunity to live life right. Your life is your house and if you let anybody own even the smallest piece of it, then you could lose it all!

A Haitian pastor tells a story of a man that wanted to buy a house but he could not afford it. the price for the house was $2000.00, but he only could afford to spend $1000.00. so the owner offered to sell the man the house for $1000.00 on one condition. he would retain ownership of a nail that was in the door post above the front door. the nail could not be removed and he retained ownership of that one spot. the man agreed, but when the original owner came back and wanted to buy back the house, the owner said no it’s not for sale it’s my house. so the original owner, still owning the nail over the front door, went out and hung a dead dogs carcass on the nail… the owner said what are you doing you can’t hang that their…oh it’s my nail I own it and I can do whatever I want with it! the smell got so bad that the house became uninhabitable and the owner had to vacate the house because of the carcass. The original owner owned the nail and now the house was put up for sale because no one could live in it!

If you make room, even the smallest amount of room, like the size of a nail. The devil can come and hang a dead rotting carcass on it and turn the whole place into a house that is uninhabitable! He will hang hurts, bitterness, envy, greed and even lust over the door of your house. What you make room for in your life will determine who you are! What are you making room for?

Ephesisans 4:27 – don’t leave the devil any room!

You have “ONE LIFE” Dream big!


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