leave a legacy!

Legacy is a big word…it means something that has been handed down by a predecessor. Just a thought…what are you handing down? Just a thought never know what will come of the lives you choose to sow into. I have had the privilege to sow into some great students over the years…one told me He would never be in the ministry, because he was going to make money! Funny, he now sits in the office i sat in for many years and leads the youth ministry I led so long ago! Another kid use to come to youth and fall asleep all the time, He was Lactose intolerant and enjoyed drinking milk…He now is a Masters commission director. Another student I get to run into from time to time at national events is married to a great youth pastor and she gets it when it comes to being Kingdom minded. Oh in Middle School she was a tool! another student had so many talents it was sickening, got married and continued to commute for his training He now leads an amazing youth ministry. another student was probably the worst case scenario story on a missions trip…I truly wanted to send Him home and I think students even switched His water with tap water to make Him sick, ohhhh snap He leads a great youth ministry in Texas. A group of students that lead worship and play on a regular basis as adults in their church…ohhh they got their start singing and playing for 40 kids in a youth ministry oh so long ago….they stretched their gift through fine arts and now you see them every Sunday doing what they were challenged to do as a teenager. Another student Got saved on a wednesday night , totally unchurched, never really been to church…He is a senior pastor of a great church.

Interns are the most interesting species…over the years I have had my share of amazing leaders come through! From the snowman who youth pastors in Texas to Mel an associate pastor in Oklahoma, the youth pastor in North carolina, the lead pastor of a church plant not even a year old, the youth pastor in Loganville, the 3rd year masters commission student in Lakeland, the college student at SEU, the worship leader, the 2 or 3 running from the call of God (you can run but you can’t hide)…Who are you sowing into? what are you handing down? If we could only see the Legacy we leave behind, we would work that much harder to leave a mark that lasts for eternity! Youth Pastor, leader…Keep sowing…keep giving…keep going the distance! You can’t leave a legacy in a few months! You leave a legacy by doing what my youth pastor always told me to do…”Keep on Keeping on!” God desires for you to leave a legacy behind!

Don’t be weary in doing good, for in due season you will reap if you faint not!

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