Leaders that leave…

finger-print-girl-illusion20 years ago we left Ormond Beach bound for college with so many hopes and dreams ahead of us. 7 years ago we left Jacksonville headed back to ormond ready for a new adventure and dreaming big dreams. Now we find ourselves leaving Ormond again with so much vision and passion to do what God has called us to do.

When I look at the places we left I can’t help but to see what we left behind. It does not matter how long you are in a place you leave something behind! If you are in a place and you touch something in that place your DNA, your makeup, your touch is left on that place. It’s what we leave that makes all the difference! You can’t stay in a place forever, but you can make an eternal impact on place with your touch. Whatever you touch leaves a mark!

Last night…I was reminded so clearly how impactful our touch can be. I listened to leaders express their love for us, and in quite clear details describe moments so vividly in their lives that left impressions on them. Whether it was the first service I preached in a tent (I can’t believe a student that is now a leader remembered exactly what I said), or it was a trip overseas, an event, or just the thought of being concerned about the family and career of a leader. God has blessed us with such an amazing group of leaders. Great people that served and help bring dreams and vision to pass! Great 7 years of ministry in a productive and effective place. Great God that put His presence on display in the lives of our students and leaders. I am speechless!

I can’t deny that I am leaving! But mostly I can’t deny the fact that I am leaving so much of myself in this place! Walking with a parent Sunday morning I found myself deeply moved because of what god had done in His children’s lives! This is one thing I will miss so much! The kids that I spent time sowing and believing for God to move in and He is moving!

Youth pastor or leader…leave an eternal mark on your students. You leave something so powerful when you choose to touch a life in a real way! My wife said it so well last night ” whatever it takes” touch them, if it’s paying their way to convention, making a way on a missions trip…whatever it is, it is so worth it! When we get to the next place, we will continue to do what we love so much, touching the lives of students and seeing god touch them in turn!


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