creativity in 4 crayons…

4-pack-kids-restaurant-crayons-100-bx Remember when you were like 8 years old and you went to a restaurant and were given 4 crayons to color with and you turned the placemat over and began to cover every square inch with stick people that came to life and conquered the world. the sound effects you made to shoot guns, the falling effect when people got shot…that’s creativity. Somewhere we were told that there was more to life than 4 crayons, 2 of which were broken. Somewhere we started to learn that we needed to calm down and chill. I have 2 boys and I love their creativity. They can make up stories with amazing plots and add all the necessary sound effects to back it all up. I look at the way they “play” and see so much creativity in it. Somewhere in school we were taught to stop playing and start learning. What was your favorite time of the school day…I had 2. One was recess where we could make up any game with any imagination and the rules always changed. The other was story time…the teacher would read from amazing books and you could be swept out of school and into the story for incredible moments each day.

Creativity is what God made us to be! The way I see it, he created the heavens and the earth with his words and it took creativity to create it all…But he created us in His image. If we were created with Him in mind, then I believe he created us with creativity in mind. So many inventions, discoveries and life changing programs are waiting to be discovered and written by people! Pick up the crayon and start creating something for God to be glorified in! Don’t be limited by the number of crayons you have, we have an unlimited source of color to draw from! You are creative…pick up the crayons God gives you and make something great today.

Youth pastor…quit complaining about what you do not have and start using what you do have. Whatever you got right now, make it the best you have and make it great! Too many people say they will wait until they get something in order to do something. Realize you are something and God wants to use you to be something!


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