New Things…

2010 is just about to hit us square in the face…are you ready for it? Do you have vision and a plan to run with in order to see big things happen next year? I believe that 2010 will be a year of brand new things! God is moving by His Spirit ands He is up to doing some new things in us and around us! let me help you out… Before He can ever do anything new through you, allow Him to do something new in you! Yes God wants to do something new in your life! If you are stuck in the same ole rut, get out and do something new. Make this year great by praying more, reading more, studying better and strategizing more so that God can use you in the capacity that you were designed to be used. I have heard that it has been said that we only us a small percentage of our brain…what in the world? We have been equipped with everything we need! I think that is where a lot of us are falling short. We are using far less of all hat we have to offer than what we are capable of using! I am determined now more than ever to see some new innovative, God instilled dreams and visions come to pass. If you are reading this and challenged to see the new come pass, then let me help you out. Finish strong! Close out 2009 in a strong way! Preacher…preach the word! Leader…lead into the new year by example!

New things…are you ready?


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