2010 one thought for the new year!

It’s a new decade…remember Y2K? Well, it’s 2k10 and we are so far advanced technologically in every way! From my Iphone to my Ibook, I commonly refer to as my pinwheel, to posting tweets and sending texts…life has become a lot more complicated! Just a simple question…What would we do without the internet, the cellphone or even a simple debit card? Would we loose our mind? Would we feel like we are being deprived of something? Would our world come to a complete stand still? The truth is simple. All of the technology we possess will not stop time from marching on. So, if time goes on, then life goes on with or without all the gadgets and technology we have. When life gets so complicated (ON OUR OWN CHOOSING), don’t overcomplicate a relationship with Christ. So with all this said, the one we cannot live without in 2010 is the author of time itself! The one who hung all the stars in place! In 2010 my one thought for the new year is I need more of Jesus! You can do without technology, but you can’t do without JESUS!

What’s your ONE thought for the new year?

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