give thanks!

I have a wonderful computer I commonly refer to as my pinwheel. I am typing this blog on it right now! The very fact that I am typing on it now is something I am thankful for. The past 5 years I have typed out every sermon, blog, plan, email, edited video, pictures and set up my itunes list on this baby! Let me say it…I am thankful for the pinwheel. Today it turned off and would not turn on, no matter what I tried to do! Well, I posted on twitter and FB what had happened and got help from a friend and the pinwheel came back to life. Pinwheel we have gone to hong kong, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Spain and Ireland together…I am so thankful for you!

What are you using right now in ministry that you would replace for the latest and greatest at the drop of a hat? Well, let me help you out. Hold on before you read this next line. You may not like this, but here it goes! Be thankful where you are right now and watch God do something amazing in your life! No matter where you are in ministry and what you have to do ministry, be thankful right now! It is very hard to see God move when you have an attitude of why you don’t have the latest and greatest and why you have to put up with the worst of the worst…whatever.

Give thanks!

Dear pinwheel…I know you spin out of control from time to time, but you have not let me down the past 5 years and I am thankful for you!

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