the dream continues…

Today I spent time at Southeastern University at a Job Expo. I was invited in to talk with perspective students looking for ministry positions. I on the other hand need 6 summer interns for 4 weeks this summer to make summer camp a great experience. The level of leaders in this university blew me away! I met students from all over living their dream and looking for the next level in life. One student (desiree) was probably the brightest leader I have come across in some time. Her dream is to be an Executive pastor and by listening to her heart and reading her resume, I can see God making a way for her in a big way. she was going after what God had planted in her heart.

looking into the eyes of these students I could see their passions and desires to see the dream become a reality! One young man was visibly stressed by not knowing where he would be, and facing graduation in a short time! You could feel the stress and what an opportunity to speak life and faith over an individual! The dream continues! God is up to something BIG and what a privilege to be apart of his plan.

When God plants a dream in your life you can’t just let it sit idly by and hope for the dream to come to pass. You have to get busy and work it out. Dreams become a reality when you are wiling to roll up your sleeves and work and while you are working thats when the dream lives on! I saw so many leaders today that were living the dream and filled with so much passion to be what God has called them to be. dreams are not meant to be left on a shelf, they are meant to be worked out in the daily life of an individual pressing toward greatness.

so, press on! live the dream each day of your life!


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