leadership…what level of a leader are you?

Read this blog today on leadership…

Your position as a leader is not worth anything if you do not use it to help the people around you. As a leader, you are a steward of your position. It is temporary and it will fade away.

As a leader, your obligation is to make the people around you better. You are responsible for using whatever power, authority, or position that you have to help move THEM forward, not yourself or your initiatives.
The more I study leadership, the more I realize the void of true “Level 5″ leaders. Jim Collins identifies Level 5 leaders, in his book Good To Great as: The Executive who “builds enduring greatness through a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will.” These leaders are described as being timid and ferocious, shy and fearless and modest with a fierce, unwavering commitment to high standards.
It is a rare leaders who is humble and fearless, modest and fierce, loving and aggressive…you get the point. There are not a lot of Level 5 leaders out there, all the more room for you and I to step up.
Today, how can you leverage your influence for the betterment of OTHERS not yourself?

we need some leaders to step up and stop stepping on others! It’s a kingdom principle to step up and bring others up with you! look around you today and bring someone with you to the next level! As a leader in the position of assisting hundreds of leaders around our district my greatest joy is to assist young leaders to be better! Who came along your side and assisted you?

leaders lead and take others with them!

presently I am reading Jim Collins Book – the social side – from good to great and the social sectors.


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