Short Sermon call backs…

Short Sermon call backs will take place on Saturday in room 406...

9:00 AM SERMXX077002 Deltona Trinity James Jones
9:08 AM SERMXX464004 Kissimmee Living Water Tatiana Jenkins
9:16 AM SERMXX169001 Spring Hill Family First Meredith Coats
9:24 AM SERMXX065001 Ocala First John Green
9:32 AM SERMXX032001 Jacksonville Evangel Temple Amy Joyce
9:40 AM SERMXX464005 Kissimmee Living Water Thayreen Ramos
9:48 AM SERMXX161001 Brooksville Grace World Outreach Billy Johnson
9:56 AM SERMXX098010 Orlando Faith Hunter Spyckaboer
10:04 AM SERMXX098001 Orlando Faith Veronica Martinez
10:12 AM SERMXX269001 North Fort Myers Faith Ashley Pounders
10:20 AM SERMXX039001 Jacksonville Faith Temple Autum Strickland
10:28 AM SERMXX206001 Tampa Bethel Temple Andrew Tedder
10:36 AM SERMXX464003 Kissimmee Living Water Jhoanny Gonzalez
10:44 AM SERMXX161002 Brooksville Grace World Outreach James McTague
10:52 AM SERMXX122001 Coconut Creek Winston Park Juan Vincente
11:00 AM SERMXX065002 Ocala First Tori Petry

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