So much to do…so little time to do it!

Time management is the key to success in a busy world and multitasking is the avenue to unfinished business. I can multitask on a nother level…right now I am writing a blog, printing a poster, packing up my thoughts to go home, texting my wife, as well as all the paper work for the meetings ahead…so I understand what multi tasking is. But, multitasking is not necessarily the best way to success. It is one way but many times I find myself rendered ineffective simply because I attempt to do too much in too little time. Wise advice from my leaders is take it slow and learn the road before you go running down it. It takes a year to figure it all out…well I am not wired like that, so I am neck deep in a lot of projects that need to get done in a short time. sound familiar? It’s not as if I have bit off more than I can chew, its simply I have way too much I want to get accomplished than the light of day will allow and this is why I find myself multitasking o the hilt. This is all to real considering I am living in a new city, with new surroundings, new tasks, new office and a new assistant. It’s amazing what I get to come to work to do each day…I just smile walking in this place knowing this is what God had instore. I truly love what I do, but I understand in order to reach my potential I have to manage my time wisely and move away from multitasking and move towards intentional strategies and plans that bring about a the best possible product.

So the thought for this blog is simple…do what you can in a day well and don’t attempt to do everything under the sun and find yourself overwhelmed and under the gun. Planning is the key to a successful venture, so plan well and protect your time well in order to get what you truly need to get done in the little time you have to do it. But right now I need a few more hours in a day in order to work it all out! Lord can you hold the sun in place for like 12 hours so I can fight this battle!


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