the insecure leader…

When it comes to leadership, what’s your style? What is your a manner of doing something? It’s your style of leadership that will make all the difference in leading! sounds simple, but so many have picked up some bad traits along the way of life and it is affecting their leading! Let’s look at a trait and if you start to see yourself in these, then don’t overlook it, deal with it! Insecurity is a particular trait that is seen in many ways in leaders lives. If a leader is insecure it will affect all those around. An insecure leader will only attempt things they know they can succeed at, because failure is not an option. Demands of those around them are at a premium, because failure is a direct reflection on the leader. Risk taking is not on the agenda of an insecure leader. Faith is not an issue, its failing in the eyes of people. Insecure leaders will only surround themselves with people that make them look good. people that wont challenge them and push them to the next level. There is no room for criticism and evaluation because these are only seen as an attack on the ego of the leader. Ego is a fragile thin layer in an insecure leaders world. The egocentric leader is by definition; centered in or arising from a person’s own existence or perspective. this plays directly into he hands of an insecure leadership style! so if you see yourself as an insecure leader…then reach out and touch someone around you! Do some personal evaluation and allow some real leaders to speak into your life. Insecurity will keep you in the same place you have always been, and that is not the place that God has destined for you to be!


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