your shout is not enough!

Some people are making a lot of noise, but are they truly bringing the presence of God! Your shout is not enough! I love 1 samuel 4 when Israel was in a serious fight with the philistines. They were taking a beating and wondered why God had allowed them to suffer so much. They had a plan, lets go get the ark of the covenant and bring it into camp and God will show up! The story continues that when they bring in the ark, the entire army shout with such noise that the enemy hears it and shakes in their boots. literally they had to encourage themselves to stand and fight even though they were winning the battle. The Israelites got so worked up shouting over the ark, but failed to recognize they needed God. There are a lot of things you need but the main thing we need is God’s presence. If you get excited about what you think you need, you could miss what will ultimately make the difference. The manifest presence of God makes all the difference! Your shout is not enough! Go ahead make all the noise you want, it wont make a difference without God’s presence. Basically, you can shout all you want and the enemy is still going to keep coming. It’s God’s presence that makes the difference. The Israelites lost the battle that day as well as the ark…there shout was not enough! The measure of genuineness is not how loud you get but how straight you walk! The Israelites shouted but were living in straight up rebellion and sin. There downfall was not their ability to make some noise but their lack of holy living! It’s simple…Be Holy! Leader…raise up a generation with more than a shout…raise up one that walks straight and lives right!

Thought for the day…you can make all the noise you want, but are you living it! Now that’s something worth shouting over!

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