Rendezvous conference wrap up…Trinity Church Miami

Rendezvous conference wrap up…

Pastor Chris Durso from Queens New york spoke at the rendezvous conference on Misfits…where the wild things are. So struck a chord in my heart. I am the misfit that nobody would have imagined would be doing what I am doing today.

John Gray spoke on the transfiguration, transformation and transparency of a leader…God speaks in the middle of cloudy times and says “this is my SON, in whom I am well pleased!”

Rich Wilkerson Jr. spoke on the “F” word (fear) and said…a dream – if you can calculate it and work it out in your head, then it’s not a God given dream! Run towards the uncomfortable and see your best days on the other side of fear not comfort!

Carl Lentz spoke on “that girl is poison” In our attempt to win the world we cannot become the world we are trying to win” …now that will preach! He said “do everything in your power to protect what God has given you!

Pastors breakfast with Judah Smith, Carl and Rich…
“grace on the man/woman that brings growth”
“be a sower not a savior” sow seeds because you cant save anyone!
“create space in your life that hang with people that need Jesus”
“live everything you preach before you preach it…basically don’t expect people to invite people to your youth ministry if you don’t!
When it comes to loyalty with your pastor shut your mouth and serve Him! Growth is found in serving loyaly! When your pastor is trying to stab you or throw a spear at you then come talk to me…David would not say a word against saul even when he was being hunted like a dog! Be Loyal!

Judah Smith spoke on “when God crossed his arms”
God crossed the cosmos in order to get in a conversation with you! He is the initiator and we are the responders…Christianity is a response…I did not find God he found me! If you have a problem living for Jesus, then you probably have not been initiated properly!
Christianity is not a dogma or a creed it’s a person JESUS!
IF the Cross does not move you, then those you lead will not be moved!

This week God has spoke to me in more than one way very clear…at times very loud! You are where you are simply because I put you there! You are who you are because I brought you there! You are about to be what you are about to be because I will lead you there!

It doesn’t take a punch in the face to get someone’s attention! I am stepping into a new season and so looking forward to all that destiny will bring. 3 short months into this season and God is messing me up and setting me up to see what I have been praying for, for so long! I love what I get to do!

Looking back I am just a misfit that God got a hold of!

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