Learning Curve…

A learning curve is the rate of a person’s progress in gaining experience or new skill…according to webster. If you are going to be a leader and lead to new places, then get ready for the learning curve. I just finished my first week of 6 weeks directing youth camp…2000+ students will be at masterpiece gardens in the next 5 weeks. The first week i found myself saying 2 things…”now that’s a learning curve” and “then there’s Chase”. Chase is another subject, but I found that in order to go to a new place you have to be willing to learn some new things! I wonder what Joshua went through leading the nation across the Jordan into the promise land only to see Jericho in front of them. Can you say “learning Curve? sure I knew you could…(mr rogers).

When leading to a new place, you need to be flexible and simply learn to laugh. Not everybody is going to want to go where you are leading and some are going to let you know they don’t want to go. Those people are just special. Some people are going to complain the whole time about everything, those people need to get a life! So when leading to a new place, man up (if your a woman thats not sexist – it just sounds better tan suck it up and lead with authority! Don’t be a wimp! plan then work your plan and if your plan needs adjusting then change your plan! Don’t be so rigid that you find yourself dug in wanting to do it your way. The first day of camp a storm came and blew over our slide ripped a hole in it, blew over our slip n slide and tore out a sprinkler system and a canopy we put up lasted a whole 2 hours when it came tumbling down…you gotta laugh at stuff that goes wrong! I had so many moments where I had new discoveries it was amazing…the issue is not the fact that there is stuff to go through the issue is how you respond to the stuff. There will always be a learning curve, so get with it and continue to learn. God will use every moment to shape your future!

Next week its week 2 of summer camp and the facilities are at capacity. I wonder how many opportunities will there be where there is a “learning curve”? If you want to go to a new place…get ready for the learning curve!


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