This is “MY SEASON”

Today I thought about what season I am in…I am reminded visibly of the fact that this is the best season of my entire life. Where I am right now is not the easiest place on the planet to be…but where God calls it is never going to be easy. This season is one of excitement but also filled with sleepless nights and countless hours of fighting and working to get where I know we are destined to be. It’s a new season and we have just begin! If you don’t recognize where you are, then you might miss your season! I am now more than ever determined to walk in the season that God has for my life…seasons come and go, but some are just off the charts life changing moments you know that you know God is working supernaturally in!

Now is the moment to seize every opportunity afforded to you and make the most of it! THIS is my season! So much inside of me that needs to come out of me, and its seasons like this that change the shape of who I am and what I do!

A word for youth pastors…you cannot do ministry the same way you have always done it and expect to continue to see bigger results. Season…it’s one of shifting and changing. You have to shift your mindset from what you have done and done well, to what you can do and do better. Look for opportunities to squeeze every ounce of experience out of! If you are determined to reach a generation, then you have to constantly change the way you do things in order to reach the next generation. Are you willing and ready for the challenge to reach a tough generation. The unchurched, the hurting, the lost, the broken, the over entertained, the heartless, the weak, the proud…Students from all walks of life and from every school in your area. This is why you do what you do! God has not positioned you in a place to lead a dodgeball team, he has positioned you to lead a generation to experience the power of His presence!

What season are you in? Recognize it and walk in it! Make the most of it! Understand it and embrace the fight!


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