When God Speaks

Have you ever had so many good ideas flow through your head about events and endeavors you are planning that it felt like you were in the zone? You know its that place where clarity and life touch each other and you can clearly see purpose and direction for specific circumstances. Everything that seemed to cloud situations passed away and you could see fresh ideas coming together. I love when that happens, it usually happens at weird times for me. Like in the middle of the night…this is why the moleskin is close by. Today it was on a bike about the 10th mile. No moleskin, no ipad, no way to stop and jot it all down…so many ideas flowing. I did not want it to stop! Then the thought came…God is speaking to me about a certain situation and i truly knew it was right! The idea in the natural was overwhelming! but the more I thought about it the more ideas came to enhance and bring to pass what I felt like God was doing. This fall is gonna be so good! I got so excited i wanted to ride straight home and write it all down. And make plans for God to show up in it all. I was like 5 miles from home…so i pressed on!

When God speaks…listen and look for opportunities for God to move!

When God speaks…for me its not when I am in the thick of it all working it out…its usually when I stop everything and clarity turns into a God kinda focus! So…slow down and meditate on him and on His Word…

When God speaks…what will you do?


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