dry cleaner and a cat turd…

Taking some clothes to the dry cleaner and thought of this post…this truly happened, so enjoy!

today I went to the dry-cleaner to pick up some shirts and I could not help but remember what happened in this place….déjà vu…this is a true story! pastor jon and i were eating at quiznos subs and went to the dry cleaners to pick up some clothes. we walked in and the smell was so vicious, that you felt like you were assaulted the second you walked in the door. trying to be nice i asked jon what was that smell? this lady was dumping her dirty clothes out onto the counter and something fell out. pastor jon said that’s it! I’m out and bounced. I was left all alone trying to pick up my clothes. I didn’t know if i should stay or go…I felt like I had already committed but the smell was getting worse. Just then the lady that dropped off her clothes reached over and picked it up! it bounced off the counter and hit the floor. she laughed and said. “I guess the cat couldn’t find the litter box” you got it! the cat dropped a turd in her laundry! and she laughed! its amazing what people will laugh off that will totally embarrass the world!

its ok to laugh at life!


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