Field of dreams

May 20th…all about making some memories. I spent the evening with my boy Jake at a Royal Ranger baseball game and overnight campout. The game was at the home of the spring training Detroit Tigers. We had a great night watching the Lakeland tigers beat up on the Jupiter Hammerheads. After the game, we broke out the tents and camped right in front of the jumbotron in right field close to the warning track. The weather was great and over 100 boys camped out, I could not help but think that just a few months earlier major league players played for a packed out stadium and we were sleeping on the field. New York Yankees, Boston Redsox, Detroit Tigers and my Atlanta Braves all played on this field. At about midnight we found ourselves with 15 boys playing wiffle ball by the light of Toy Story 3 playing on the screen. Incredible time with a group of boys.

Takeaway…nothing compares to spending time with my son throwing a baseball and camping on a baseball field. Moments like these don’t happen every week…they take time and effort.

Take time for those you love!

Make an effort to make a memory!


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