Best Week Of Summer!

summer camp 11The best week of summer can be arguably the week spent at PFYouth camp. the 5 days spent at camp are truly life changing and life rearranging for many. 2000+ students will attend camps this summer and have an encounter with God that changes everything! We have all kinds of students, literally it is the most diverse attended event we lead. That would be the face of Florida coming to camp. They come with baggage and bound up with the issues of life and they leave with purpose and freedom to be the person that God has created them to be. We are intentional in our approach to camp..Our camp is unashamedly pentecostal. The theme for camp this year…”primal”. Our desire is to get back to the core values of what it means to live a Christian life. From morning sessions with speakers that focus on prayer, community, mission and pentecost to a day where we separate the sexes and focus on what’s in the heart of true man or woman of God. We are truly excited about this years camps and look forward to seeing God do more than ever before!

The daily activities and teams compete for the prize of being camp champ. It’s a big deal to be the winning team at camp. This year they go home with a camp champ shirt…who knows if you come you might be on the winning team…if not simply coming to camp this summer is awin!

God is up to something in PenFlorida and we are simply privileged to be apart of shaping a generation of revivalists. Pray with us as we shape a generation that makes an impact on this world! Together we can make a difference!

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