What do you do after an event…process what happened.

November 11-12 this year Fusion was the largest event in the history of our district…we have come a long way in a short time. So, today I am sitting in my favorite lunch spot and it’s here with my iPad and a good mix of music I will attempt to process the magnitude of what took place. I am driven, passionate, excited and expecting greater things in the future. But in order to go where I believe we are destined to be, it is paramount to walk out the process where we have been in order to take greater steps the next time around.

Fusion…a few stats…over 4300 registered for the event, 971 hotel rooms, 100 volunteers, 3 amazing speakers, and one worship team. I am literally blown away by the favor and blessing of God n this event. We have grown nearly 100% two years in a row. To God be all the glory! Thanks to every Youth Pastor and student that attended this year…

Here’ s where I process my part…

This year I made a decision to hire a graphics person to do all the promo for everything we do, I have been the designer with a few people behind the scenes and it was a bit overwhelming at times. God gave me visual word media and they hit it out of the park with videos, graphics and so much more. Best thing I did this year and it has been a major step in the right direction.

This year we used a company to print wrist bands for each person that attended and it was a big fail. The wristbands were amazing, but I failed to follow-up sooner on the wristbands. We got half the wristbands the first day and the rest came in about a half an hour after everyone left. We need a strict timeline on product, a 3 week window was not enough when dropped shipped from China. Needless to say we are getting a full refund on the wristbands.

On site event management is something I am not comfortable with but necessary. We have so many issues going on, and it appears that all the people with my cell phone feel its necessary to text me during the event and tell me whatever was on their mind. It usually starts with I know you can’t fix this, but….just want to let you know. Our adjustment next year will be to have someone assist me with the details of the event on site, so that I can focus on the main thing.

One thing I kept telling myself this year, I heard from a friend in a meeting. “with so many events going on, let’s pray that we don’t lose focus on the reason for the event and get caught up in the details of pulling of the event.”. It is so easy to be overwhelmed by the details…I did not sleep for days before the event, pouring over details, dreaming about the details and thinking about the budget, the plan and every little thing in between. The best wisdom I can give for events is surround yourself with people better than you and empower them to pull the trigger. I have learned that letting go is hard to do, but in order to go where I know we are destined to be, my hand can’t be on everything. We put together a great team of volunteers from 2 masters commissions and they worked it out! Make the main thing the main thing…it’s easy to get caught up in how everything looks and works, but why are you doing the event! It’s not for you it’s for the souls you are reaching so focus on them and focus on the 1-2 hours that they will be impacted and make the most of those moments. Details will fail at times, but the presence of God and the power of God in the event changing a life is what it’s all about!

Just a few things I processed over a turkey sandwich today…


1 thought on “What do you do after an event…process what happened.

  1. Thanks for this. Being my first year into youth ministry, I have been so busy with trying to improve my facility that I forget sometimes to remember that God is in my building with or without all the cool stuff. I really thank God for you and look up to you a lot.

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