2012…vision and goals

2012 is the year of the UNEXPLAINED!

vision…i have spent the last 18+ years writing out the vision for what we want to see in ministry. i love to see areas when we blow the doors off of what we set goals to do, then there’s areas where i felt real strong about but set some pretty lofty goals in, and did not get near the goal. not hitting a goal in ministry is frustrating…i have to take an honest look at it, not make excuses, determine where there could have been done more and make the necessary changes so that next year the goal is reached. now setting too high of goals can be frustrating, but setting easily reachable goals can give a false sense of success. we are not called to just simply reach goals…we are called to change lives. if you set a goal too low, then you wont work as hard to attain the goal and in turn fall short of your own capabilities (sad). what are you truly capable of if you simply had a bigger vision. i always pray God open my eyes and help me see what you see…give me eyes that can see where you are leading us…i want clear vision!

so where do you set goals in ministry…i look at it this way, if you don’t have a vision for every area in ministry, then you will simply accept whatever comes your way and usually what comes your way is what you already have. ya…so get started set some goals. write it down, type it up and print it out so that you have to be accountable to it. we go over our vision with our leaders in order for them to understand where we are headed.

2012 Vision…just a few areas…

1. Speed the light Giving…$550K..we are so capable of doing way more than this, but it takes time for the dream to take root in the local church. We have some areas we are blowing up in and others we have yet to scratch!

2. Youth Leaders…better trained, better connected, better equipped means more mentoring! I can see a mentoring program taking off for youth pastors real soon in order to better equip and train leaders for the harvest!

3. Summer Camp – the theme for 2012 is 3D and we are excited about what we are going to do with this. Speakers are set, we are breaking ground on a new outdoor recreation center, shack, and remodeling dorms…the new pool is soon to follow. Summer Camp is the best week of summer, so we envision mixing it up the schedule some in order for more discipleship and connection to take place for the local church. So many hurdles to overcome…but we know God has a great plan for summer!

4. Fusion2012.. November 9-10. Location is the same, budget is set for worship, equipment etc. The marketing plan will come together in January…so looking forward to have Robert Madu, Planetshakers and Ricardo Sanchez with us. Yep if you read this blog this is the first place to read this. We have 2 more speakers we are working on. We even added a music session for worship leaders and Ricardo Sanchez.

So many more areas I would like to write about and expound more on…so stay tuned!

2012 I believe is the year to see the UNEXPLAINED!



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