Summer…more than a busy schedule!

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Hey Youth Pastor…how’s you summer schedule look? It is what it is…The best time of year to grow your group! Yep I said it GROW!

This year make the most of every moment this summer. Don’t just fill it with activity, but fill it with activity that makes a difference! If you strategically plan o grow numerically and spiritually, then what is your focus on? If you plan out your preaching, plan out your service, events and build in time to focus on the students you have, you will GROW! But, if you treat summer like it’s a vacation and shut down everything you normally do, and don’t add anything that will add to what you do, then you simply have chosen to not grow! Anything that is not growing is not being effective. Now lets clarify Growth! What are you Growing? PEOPLE! It’s all about building up the people that God has given into your care. A few ideas to grow what you have:

1. Grow yourself…use this time to read more, pray more and develop more as a leader! Don’t take a vacation from growth!

2. Grow your leaders…spend quality tie with your leadership team. Sharing vision and planning for the fall. Your leaders with kids are more flexible this time of year! Give your leaders a book to read, and discuss ways to grow as leaders.

3. Grow your students…spend quality time with students, preach the word to your students, get a strategy to make them better disciples, by activating their faith. Take them to camp, plan some outreach, do some missions work, get your students focused on reaching people!

The Key to growth is planning…It’s not too late to plan out the summer!


2 thoughts on “Summer…more than a busy schedule!

  1. I remember, when I started YM 15 years ago, summer was an off time. Other than a mission trip, I did little other programming. Now I realize that summer is an excellent time for some different kind of programs. We run a summer youth group softball league that’s a great team builder, paint a house or two in town, play kick ball every tuesday, and run a day camp for under-privileged kids. Summer’s full of ministry opportunities!

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