The FLEXIBLE leader!

I honestly believe that summer camp is the best week of summer.  We have just wrapped up 2 weeks of camp and are looking forward to 2 more camps coming in.  Both camps are at capacity and preparations are being made for their arrival. We have a plan and we are working the PLAN!

The best camp or event you have must be well planned, well executed, well communicated, well budgeted (that’s right make sure you got the money to pull it off), and well lets just say FLEXIBLE. We have had to deal with torrential rain one week, broken equipment the next week, Misused and abused equipment, and a building that is finished but you can’t go near until we get the CO for it. Great reasons to moan and groan! Flexibility is the key to making any event move from good to great. I just don’t want to have a good camp, we desire to have a great camp and at times that means making the necessary adjustments in order to maximize the moment. if you are the planner that plans and works the plan, stays with the plan no matter what, then your event can die with your plan.  Planning is essential, but in the moment a good leader can and will step up and LEAD!  Why…because thats what leaders do! Don’t make excuses for issues that come up, step up and lead in the moment and watch God show up!

Jesus was the ultimate leader and when he was asleep and the disciples were in trouble in the middle of the lake, he stood up and spoke up. When issues arise and they will, whether its buildings that are not finished, bathrooms that are jacked up, equipment that is messed up or simply people that don’t show up! Step up and LEAD in a positive way!  Stop talking about whats wrong and speak life over whats right. If you major on the minor things you will fail to see a major impact happen in the lives you are reaching!



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