The Event vs. The Experience…

Experience In youth ministry you probably find yourself doing event after event after event. With every event comes planning, budgeting, staffing, marketing and strategizing in order to pull off a winning event. If this is foreign to your event planning, then you will probably struggle with not only execution but lasting impact. We are in this deal for more than the event, but we do events in order to have lasting impact on the lives of our students. So, stop here and examine what you do in terms of event planning. In every event, when looking for the win, you have to consider what you see, others see and just as important what your boss sees. You may see that you had the greatest crowd ever, the maintenance staff may see the aftermath, and your boss may only see the amount of money you spent to pay the band. At the end of the day we need to ask ourselves one simple question; is it about the experience or about the event. The experience is tied directly to people, and the event is simply the vehicle we choose to make an impact on people. If we truly want to make a lasting impact on the lives we lead, then we need to leverage experience over the event. We get so caught up in massive media productions, yet miss the mark with simply getting JESUS in the room. Simply getting JESUS in the building can get lost in the smoke, lights and planning center, so I want to encourage you as a leader. Pray, Preach and always remember its about People. People will always remember the experience they have and almost always forget the details of any event we attempt to pull off.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that you do events to impact people, not to pull off great events.


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