Leaders…keep the presence of God at the center of your leading people.

S – scripture

1 Chronicles 13 David was afraid of God that day and asked, “How can I ever bring the ark of God to me?” (1 Chronicles 13:12 NIV)

O- observation.

David was afraid because as a leader he mishandled the presence of God.  As a leader he failed I to handle Gods presence, and lead his people to handle his presence and Uzzah died.  How often do we mis-handle the presence of God?  God is no the author of fear, so the enemy used fear in order to keep David from moving the presence of God where it was supposed to be.

A – application

If you are motivated by fear? If you have mishandled the presence of God a s a leader and totally missed it.  Don’t sit back.  Don’t ignore the next opportunity to lead and Handel the presence of God.  Get up and lead.  His grace is sufficient.  Fear will only paralyze you for Destiny!

P – prayer 

Lord help me to keep the main thing, that is your presence in the bundling, the main thing.  Help me to lead people to experience you and not a service.  I do t want people to walk away and say that was cool, that was well executed, but I want them to leave impacted by you!  I want them to comment about you!  May we keep you at the center of all we do in life and ministry! 


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