The aftermath…what’s your plan?

What do you do the week after the big event?cropped-cropped-img_170911.jpg

What we plan we desire to succeed at.  We spend so much time planning out every detail of an event, simply because we want the event to be a success!  Success is measured in many different ways, but in this blog I am going to make a list of things you can plan to do in the aftermath.  The aftermath is that week right after an all consuming event.  It’s that time where you just want to crawl in a cave and hibernate.  I want to propose that the aftermath is simply the setup for the next win.  You do like to win…then why not plan out the aftermath, rather than attempt to refuel by checking out!

What you do the week after a big event is key to the next win! Every year we host an event that takes several months of planning and strategizing to pull off. I spend hours in meetings planning out every detail of the event. We HUSTLE so hard to lead and perform at a very high level.  The difference in succeeding is how hard you are going to hustle!

“The thing that distinguishes one performer from another is how hard he or she works. That’s it. And what’s more, the people at the very top don’t work just harder or even much harder than everyone else. They work much, much harder.” – Malcolm Gladwell

The days after the big event seem to be times where my desire is to refuel and retire for the next event, and I have found that I can shift gears easily and move on, but in doing so it’s easy to miss a key time that can be planned out.

What would a plan for the aftermath look like?  Here are a few things I am encouraging myself to do, and I hope they speak to you in the midst of hustle!


  1. Rejoice –  or simply “Celebrate” What’s that look like?  To me it’s surrounded by eating a great meal with family, great coffee and yes…dessert!  No diet…yep eat some crème brûlée, red velvet cake, cheesecake…whatever!
  2. Rest – Sleep is a good thing.  If you are like me, I find myself waking up at night before the event with lists going thru my mind. It is literally exhausting to work all day planning and then work at night too.  Rest to me is sleeping in and doing Nothing…nada…  Rest to me  needs to be characterized by unplugging from social media and plugging into the word.
  3. Relax – Go sit in a movie theater and watch an action adventure movie and just chill.  Go sit on the beach, Go to the pool. Take a walk…hold hands with your wife…just simply choose to enjoy the moment after!
  4. Reframe – One of the healthiest things I like to do is reframe the event after the event. I like to debrief and talk about the struggles and the wins in order succeed at a higher level the next time!  But, this time, a few days after Fusion, I found myself sitting in one of my favorite sandwich shops eating lunch alone with headphones on. I had a journal open and blank pages ready for writing out dreams for the next event.  The whole world does not even exist around me, but it’s my way to reframe what’s next.
  5. Write –  ha it’s not a word that begins with “R”…but I need to journal my thoughts and prayers after the event.  I find that if I journal, I can frame and process what happened in order to capture a clear picture of the event.  Clarity helps in succeeding the next time!
  6. Reward – It’s perfectly ok to simply have fun after the big event!  I am under the impression that ministry and life is meant to be fun.  Learn to have fun with those you love!\
  7. Invest – Invest in those you love the most.  The greatest thing I can do  during the aftermath is invest time with my family!  The job can change, locations can change…but family will never change!  Invest time, energy, and planning in family.  I truly love my family and we are in this thing called ‘the ministry’ together…but most of all we are in this family together.

Planning the aftermath is important. You probably could come up with some other things you could do during the aftermath.  Jim Collins writes in his book; Good to Great. “Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of choice.”  Choose to have a plan not just for the event, but plan out the aftermath!Go ahead…plan it out and make it happen.  If you want to be great, then you have to choose greatness and that means you need to have a plan!




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