One God Idea…

Re-Reading Mark Batterson’s book Primal I came across some notes I made on the pages In big bold letters with exclamation points I wrote “one GOD idea!!!” what a moving thought! If I have one God idea it will totally blow away every bad idea as well as every other Idea that seems to float through my head. So much floats through in any given day! This is where we will focus this blog on today! What exactly is floating through your head and what are you doing with it! I believe the greatest ideas in life have been made available to us, but for some reason we discount them as bad ideas or ideas that are out of range or simply we just ignore them. what are you doing with the ideas that God drops in your life?

I have been around people before that seem to have the best ideas…why are they so different? Why can’t I have amazing ideas like that? Well the way I see it, we are all in this thing together and we all have the opportunity to connect with the creator of the universe and He can create something out of nothing…just take a look at Genesis 1.

One GOD idea! That’s what I believe we all want, but we have to discern what is and what is not. I believe the best way is to train your mind to take captive every thought and make them obedient to Christ. Simply said…take charge of your thoughts and examine the ones that float through that have the signature of the creator on them. Then take a risk and believe. Ideas are nothing more than creative thoughts…they never change the world until someone takes a risk and fleshes it out in everyday life. My desire to is to be in a position where I can recognize the “God Idea” then be disciplined enough to grab onto the idea – write it out – in my phone or in my moleskin, and finally take the step to flesh it out and see it come to pass. I want to do something about the ideas that are floating through. I have soooo much floating through and soooo many new ideas, that I need the Masters direction and creativity to see the “God Idea’ come to pass!

Forget it…

Have you ever forgot something and then remembered and the pain of what you forgot was oh so real? Just recently I placed a pair of black shoes on the fender of my jeep, running around getting everything needed for a super busy day I jumped in the jeep and Forgot the shoes. When I went to put my shoes on, I thought I left them home so I headed home on my way to another campus to preach. It was when I switched to another pair that I had the vision of the shoes placed on the fender…I forgot and they will never be seen again. Now its time for something new!

In life and ministry we hold onto so many things, if we could just for get the past, then we could move onto something new. The absolute truth is this, “You can’t change the past, but you can change today and tomorrow!” If we hold onto the past and we don’t let go of it, then wed wont be able to move forward. The pair of shoes I forgot, brought me a lot of places, but they will never bring me to the next places! Forget and move on!

Isaiah 43:18 “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. 19 See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?