Living with people in mind.

“Paul said, “Whether it is a short or a long time, I pray to God that not only you but every person listening to me today would be saved and be like me—except for these chains I have.””
‭‭Acts‬ ‭26:29‬ ‭NCV‬‬
Paul was in prison and he was speaking to King Agrippa who wanted to hear his story.  When he heard it, he said are you trying to make me a believer in a short time.  Paul says basically,  whatever it takes I want you to be saved.  This is living with purpose.  This is living with people in mind.  The situation would have seemed appropriate to talk his way out of, he was a Ronan citizen.  But, he simply shares the truth of the Gospel and the truth of his life changing experience.
Our purpose in life is to reach people… so when we are given an opportunity, we can seize it or avoid it.  We can grab onto it, or we can let it slip thru our grasp. What will we do with the opportunities we hear to reach people?
Lord help us to seize the opportunities inn front of us.  Help us to see what you are up to .  Help us to focus our attention on the truth of the gospel and share our experience.  God you are so good.

great leaders…lead with purpose!

this weekend i had the privilege to preach at a young adult retreat. the group was so easy to preach to, in that you could see that their pastor had been preparing them for a great weekend and planned out a theme perfectly for the retreat. the theme of the retreat was refined! i had such a time preaching about being refined. the one thing i like when i schedule a retreat is when the speaker understands your theme and direction and runs with it. do speakers ever do this, hardly, but it sure is a wonderful thing when they do. it makes it a whole lot easier, since good leaders lead with a purpose in mind. if you don’t have a purpose in doing something with a group of people then you are nothing more than a tour group conductor. you might as well get a flag on a stick and have them follow you around a theme park from ride to ride. ministry that is purpose driven from the get go accomplishes more than just holding services.

so, this weekend the young adults pastor is a close friend of mine, but is by far the most passionate perfectionist i know. i love to be around him, because he has a plan to do something significant and effective in ministry. His greatest strength i believe is his creative passion to make moments for people to encounter a more meaningful experience with God. this weekend the students went after God with intensity and passion. the students were led there by a leader with passion and purpose. if you are a leader, and you want to be effective, then lead by example. if you are not passionate…if you are not driven by purpose…if you are not willing to do whatever it takes to go after it…then how can you ever expect the people you lead to be any more passionate or purposeful?

just a thought! consider where you are going and why you are going before you lead anyone there!